Week one

Well, tomorrow marks one week and I’ve barely seen my roommate. Granted, part of that was my fault bur yeah.

Monday: He got here like 8pm unloaded stuff, left to get more and picked up some dinner for us. I had already eaten but I ate a few bites and there was my lunch for the next three days. We also had the internet turned on.

Tuesday: I went to make tacos but ends up K goes to the gym on Tues. So I had a skimpy taco salad. I wasn’t going to waste money I don’t really have on fixings for just me.

Wednesday: I did a little shopping with a friend, picking up some stuff for my room. Then I spend the night at my parents because they were out of town. I made pizza for dinner. Cable was turned on. Yay!

Thursday: I worked late, got my nieces then crashed at my parents again. I ate the rest of the pizza for dinner.

Friday: I finally went back home. I thought K was gone but turns out he was just asleep in his room. Oops! We watched a bit of T.V. (he introduced me to Archer)

Saturday: I worked on my room and I went out last night with a friend. We tried a place called Burger 21. It was good. Then we did some grocery shopping.

Sunday: Today,  I lay around and relax. I’m going to work on catching up on Supernatural and get ready for work next week. I’m also going to be trying my own take on a pinterest recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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