Week one

Well, tomorrow marks one week and I’ve barely seen my roommate. Granted, part of that was my fault bur yeah.

Monday: He got here like 8pm unloaded stuff, left to get more and picked up some dinner for us. I had already eaten but I ate a few bites and there was my lunch for the next three days. We also had the internet turned on.

Tuesday: I went to make tacos but ends up K goes to the gym on Tues. So I had a skimpy taco salad. I wasn’t going to waste money I don’t really have on fixings for just me.

Wednesday: I did a little shopping with a friend, picking up some stuff for my room. Then I spend the night at my parents because they were out of town. I made pizza for dinner. Cable was turned on. Yay!

Thursday: I worked late, got my nieces then crashed at my parents again. I ate the rest of the pizza for dinner.

Friday: I finally went back home. I thought K was gone but turns out he was just asleep in his room. Oops! We watched a bit of T.V. (he introduced me to Archer)

Saturday: I worked on my room and I went out last night with a friend. We tried a place called Burger 21. It was good. Then we did some grocery shopping.

Sunday: Today,  I lay around and relax. I’m going to work on catching up on Supernatural and get ready for work next week. I’m also going to be trying my own take on a pinterest recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes!



First night here

Well, its time. I’m mostly moved in and its the first night in the apartment. I’m aggravated that I was so worried about making sure K liked the shower curtain too, that I didn’t get one. He went ahead and put his up before we can talk. Now I’m stuck looking at an ugly green and brown thing.

I did settle on a theme for my room. I’m really excited because I’ve never really been aloud to decorate before. The theme is beach. Nice, neutral, and and not childish. It also goes with the white wicker dressers my granny gave me. Once I settle down and see how my finances are, I’m going to work on changing the knobs on them to starfish, anchors and mermaids. I saw them on Etsy and thought they would be a nice little touch of added beach.

I’d tell you more about Kyle but he hasn’t come home yet. Asked when I would be here (I get off at one) and said good, the guy was coming to set up the internet between 3-5. So I went back to my parents after I got off; grabbed all of my clothes from the closet and the few drawers I had left, some of my toiletries, sheets and pillows, and what food I had in the house and raced home.

Of course the guy didn’t show until 5. Its all good though because it gave me a chance to unpack what I had just brought over and settle down. I even started a craft. The man came same time as my dad did to help with my blinds and the lamp I got. While they did there thing, I did mine painting a little picture in my art journal:


I guess, its not a bad thing if he’s going to be gone most of the time but he said he wanted to talk about the shared spaces and stuff? I also had a few questions for him, to get to know him better.  A matter of fact, I’ve been trying to gather them all together so maybe I’ll make another post just of questions. This way they are all in one place and I can go back and pick a few every once in a while, without bombarding him all at once. Its the first day of our year contract…I don’t want to scare him away yet!